Refurbished Laptops

Premium Refurbished Windows Laptops

HP Elitebook 840 G5 Windows refurbished laptop

HP's Premium-quality laptop with superb performance, multimedia capabilities, productivity and security features. It's fast and reliable, has a hugely durable metal casing with Bang & Olufsen speakers and a crisp display. After 27 years selling computers, this is the laptop I personally have. A genuine pleasue to use.


Dell Latitude windows 11refurbished laptop

Powerful and long-lasting. Dell's high-end business laptops have carbon-fiber reinforcements, spill-resistant keyboards, and crystal-clear 1080p displays. Fast and dependable. Slightly less robust than our other premium HP laptop across the page but it has a more vibrant screen.


HP EliteBook 820 12"

HP’s Premium Business Ultra Portable.Superb performance and reliability. Lightweight and very portable.


HP Elitebook 840 14"

Our best selling Laptop. HP’s top tier Laptop for performance and reliability. Highly recommended.


HP Elitebook 850 15"

Full sized version of HP’s elite business machine. Ideal for home, school or business.


Dell Latitude 14"

Reliable and very capable workhorse from Dell. Fully featured with a clean install of windows.


*We have a rapidly changing stock of refurbished Laptops starting from £100!  All come with a 12 month Warranty (inc.Battery) and are professionally refurbished and supported by us. Data transfer and lifetime support is included.  You also get a free carry case and mouse with every refurbished laptop. 

HP Pavillion

Setup and Ready to go, i5 processor and solid state drive gives a smooth and responsive experience.


HP Pavillion

Setup and Ready to go, i3 processor and solid state drive gives a smooth and responsive experience.


Acer Aspire

Fully refurbished home laptop.


HP Elitebook Ultra

Ultra portable high end HP Laptop,


Why Choose a refurbished laptop?

  1. Green IT Sustainability: We’ve been refurbishing computers since 2000 and our commitment to environmental responsibility is unwavering. Our holistic approach ensures that every step benefits both the climate and our communities.

  2. Extended Lifespan: We don’t just data wipe; we breathe new life into old laptops and computers. Through upgrades and refurbishments, we greatly increase the lifespan of electronics.
  3. Real Value: Each refurbished laptop is fully Guaranteed, capable, responsive and a fraction of the new cost.  

What is a Refurbished laptop?

A refurbished laptop is essentially a used laptop that has been renewed in order to work and perform like new.  These laptops are thoroughly inspected, cleaned, repaired, and made ready for sale to a new owner. While refurbished laptops are more affordable than brand-new ones, they often look and perform similarly to factory-new machines. Which can make them excellent value. However, it’s essential to consider a few key factors when exploring this type of purchase:

  1. Source: The most crucial aspect is where you buy the refurbished laptop. Not all restoration processes are equal. Ensure you know who refurbished the laptop and what they did.
  2. Condition: Refurbished laptops aren’t the same as used laptops, although most will been used before. Refurbished laptop undergo inspection for cosmetic wear, testing for full functionality, necessary repairs, and cleaning before being sold.  All data should be completely removed.  Sometimes they are upgraded beyond their original specifications.
  3. Warranty: Check the warranty offered for the refurbished laptop.  The longer the warranty the more confident the refurbisher is in their process. 

Which? have a decent article on the difference between second-hand and refurbished which you can view here (link opens a new tab)

Penriths Professionally Refurbished Laptops at Affordable Prices

Professionally Refurbished windows Laptops

We take great pride in restoring every laptop we receive. Our team runs extensive tests and gives each device a thorough cleaning to ensure top performance. Plus, every laptop comes with a brand new Solid State Drive for lightning-fast speeds, and we install a fresh version of Windows for seamless operation. Count on us for reliable and affordable refurbished Laptops!

12/24 Month Warranties on all refurbished laptops

Our Refurbished Laptops have a minimum 12-month warranty, while premium models have a 24-month warranty. We offer assistance over the phone, in person, or via remote desktop. Help is always available and we pride ourself on providing expert advice

Powerful and Affordable

We choose premium models to refurbish that we know have a track record of reliability. These computers provide excellent power and performance at vastly reduced prices, all with the same warranty and excellent after care.

Sustainable Computing

We love refurbishing laptops and recycling! Choosing a refurbished computer helps reduce landfill, reduces CO2 and vastly extends the life cycle of electronics. This helps ease the burden on our planet without compromising on performance or reliability. Go on, be a hero! Go refurbished!

Together, Let’s Create a Greener, More Connected World with refurbished laptops

Visit SPB Computers Penrith Store today and be part of the change. Recycle, refurbish, and empower!

At SPB Computers, we believe in more than just technology. We believe in making a difference through sustainable practices. Our mission? To bridge the digital divide, protect the environment, and help reduce waste.. How do we do it? By recycling and refurbishing laptops!

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