Refurbishing and Recycling in Penrith

We have been Refurbishing and Recycling unwanted and broken computers for the past 20 years in our fully equipped workshop in Penrith.   We buy computers that can be refurbished and recycle free of charge those that cannot.  All refurbishments are done in-house and recycling is done within the UK.


We buy broken and unwanted laptops that are suitable for refurbishing. All our refurbished laptops, PCs and Macs come with a minimum 12 month warranty and our premium range of laptops and all desktops come with a 24 month warranty. Age, condition and model determine what we refurbish and what we can pay. Some makes and models are better built and designed, which gives us the confidence to warranty them and sell them to you with full confidence. A refurbished Laptop will give many years of reliable and responsive use for a fraction of the cost of new.

Help Save the Planet and get Paid!

Secure Data Disposal

Professionally Refurbished

Best for the Planet and Your Pocket!

If your laptop or desktop can be refurbished, we’ll buy it from you! You get some cash, you don’t have to worry about the data that’s on it and can feel good about doing something to help reduce waste on our over burdened planet. Win Win! 

We don’t re-use hard drives (the bit with Windows and all your stuff on). All our refurbished laptops come with a brand new solid state drive and a clean install of Windows. Your drive (which usually still has your data on) is removed and you can simply take that back with you or we can pop the data into a USB enclosure for a small fee so you can access your stuff. Alternatively, if you leave it with us we will physically destroy or secure wipe it to UK security standards. The securely wiped/destroyed drive will then be sent to the Recyclers where it is shredded and metals recovered. 

Each laptop is taken apart and inspected. We clean out the heatsink vents and fans and replace the thermal paste that can dry out and crack over time. The hinges are checked and tightened (or replaced if needed) and we fit a brand new super-fast solid-state drive. A clean, uncluttered version of Windows is then installed and updated. We test the battery life and replace with new if it is not acceptable (and replace with new if you’re not happy). We load some basic free software (Open Office, Google Chrome etc.) and let it run some basic stress testing software. Then it goes out for sale ready to serve someone new for years to come!

Refurbished laptops offer the best of both worlds. You’re saving money and saving the planet without compromising on reliability, performance or warranty. We provide refurbished laptops to suit everyone from students to business and everyone inbetween. You also get unbeatable after care and support should you need it. 


We are happy to take in end of life IT equipment free of charge. This includes laptops, desktops, printers, monitors and accessories that are beyond re-using or refurbishing. Devices containing data will be physically destroyed beyond recovery. A report can be requested for a small fee. The electronics are sorted and collected by our UK Recyclers who reclaim the valuable metals, further helping reduce waste. This industry creates a lot of waste, with your help our refurbishing and recycling service can help alleviate a small part of that.