Penrith tablet Repairs

Tablet Repairs in Penrith

Smashed Tablet Screens and Cracked Digitisers

If you’ve cracked the glass on your iPad or the screen is no longer displaying on your Nexus we can help.  Digitisers or screen replacements for most tablet models are repaired the same day.  We hold a wide selection of iPad digitisers and screens and the more common Android tablet spares.

Tablet Charging Ports and Batteries

Both Batteries and charging ports can become worn in tablets through normal use.  Batteries gently degrade over time and have an expected charge and discharge lifecycle.  We can replace batteries in most models we’ve seen.  Charging ports can become damaged through accidental jolts to the cable when plugged in.  this weakens or breaks the solder connecting it to the logic board.  In most cases this can be re-soldered with little fuss.  If the port itself is damaged we can re-solder a new Micro-USB port, again with little fuss.  Occasionally the tracks behind the port are damaged as well, this is usually fatal, but it won’t cost you to find out if this is the case.  We operate a free diagnostic and a no fix no fee policy so if we go ahead and re-solder but find additional problems, you won’t be charged for any of the work.

Software Problems and setting up your Emails

Just Like a notebook, your tablet can become slow, pickup virus’ and fail to send emails.  We can quickly and easily get your tablet backup and running, help with email problems, make sure you’re backed up and restore access when you’ve forgotten your password.  Prices are usually £16.25.