Speed up your Slow PC

Speeding up Slooooow Computers

speed up your PC in Penrith

The Most Common Causes of Slow Computers and how to fix them.

Whether its been a gradual slow down or a sudden one, We can quickly diagnose the cause and offer you a no obligation fixed price solution to get you back up to speed, or even faster than its ever been!

Lack of Resources

PC Upgrades

Sometimes you simply outgrow your Computer.  You start using more demanding software or simply more apps are running than can be comfortably handled by your PC.  We can add more resources in the form of upgraded Processors, More RAM or faster and/or Larger Hard drives.  Click the pic for more Details or call in to our Penrith Computer shop for some free and friendly advice.


Overheating Computers causing Slow downs

Your Computer, whether it is a Laptop or a Desktop generally contains one or more Fans that draw cool air from outside and exhaust the warmed up air that is created by your CPU and various heat generating devices.  Like most things your computer has an operating temperature and the faster it works the more heat it generates.  Over time the vents that allow air in and out get blocked with dust and fluff and the thermal interface material that covers the CPU dries out and becomes less effective.   Overheating computers, amongst other things slow down.  Click here for more information on the causes and effects of overheating.

Failing Hard Drive


Failing hard drives can cause your computer to suddenly slow down as it attempts to re-read parts of the disc that may be damaged.  Sudden slow downs can be a symptom of this type of failure.  Its always good to have a backup but definitely so if your PC suddenly goes on a go-slow.  Click for more info or call in to our town centre computer shop in Penrith.

Windows Problems

Windows slowing down and needing a service

Windows gets messy over time and may need a spring clean to restore it back to the kind of speeds you had when you bought it.   Amazingly Microsoft suggested you should reload your Windows computer every year, whilst this would certainly keep it in good condition the average we usually see windows PCs in need of a complete software service is between three and four years.  You can click here for more information or give us a call on 01768 868144