Cracked Screens

Cracked Your Laptop Screen?

Cracked Laptop Screen Repai in Penrith.

Smashed Screen Repairs are usually done Same Day

Your Laptops LED Screen is made of several layers built over a Liquid crystal display panel.  The LED part comes from the method of illuminating the LCD.  It’s delicate hence we see a lot of cracked laptop screens.    Cracked Laptop screens are caused by impact damage.  The three most common causes are being picked up by the screen, closing the lid with an object sat on the keyboard.  (Like a USB drive or Pen) or being dropped.  Cracked Laptop screens require the LED panel to be replaced, A common enough repair and one we can happily perform usually the same day!



Free Diagnostic

Smashed screens are caused by impact damage.  If you’re laptop has been dropped whilst on its highly recommended you get your hard drive tested as well if your laptop has a mechanical hard drive.  (Most still do.)  Your Notebooks hard drive is a spinning disc with several arms hovering over the surface flying backwards and forwards reading and writing the data.  (Picture a record player and you’re sort of there.)  Impact damage whilst the Disk is spinning can cause the arms (The head) to scratch the delicate surface of the discs platter and damage it.  In fact, We’d recommend a full check out whilst it’s in to make sure everything else is ok, especially after an accidental drop.  We do these comprehensive health checks and tests free of charge in our Penrith Computer Shop.

Affordable Cracked Screen Repairs

New Replacement panels with fitting start at around £45.  This price is usually for the smaller screen sizes.  The average price for most standard 15.6″ cracked screen replacement repairs is £85.  there are slight variations for thin screens and higher definition screens as well as 17″ screens and some matt 13.3″ screens.  We provide a solid fixed quote once we’ve seen your Laptop.  We can give an estimate based on the make and model number but it’s not unknown for the same make and model to have different panels fitted.

Fast Repairs

We hold a large number of the most common screens for Laptops in stock ready to be fitted the same day, so you can have your laptop repaired and up and running in no time!  We also hold a sizable number of refurbished screens for a lot of models.  All our refurbished stock comes with the same warranty as new and most of the time the only difference you’ll see is the price!  Call us for more info or drop in to our Penrith Computer shop for a fast and affordable cracked screen repair today!