Computer Virus Removal

Computer Virus and Malware Removal

Virus and malware removal repairs in Penrith

Slow PC and full of programs you didn’t ask for?

You’ve probably picked up a computer Virus.  An actual computer virus is pretty rare these days, but we use the term Computer Virus as an umbrella term for Malicious software (Malware) in General.  This includes traditional virus’, Trojans, Spyware, Pup’s (Potentially unwanted software) and scamware.  Programs that are designed to either cause mischief or part you from your hard-earned cash.  They are at best badly written and pointless, at worse they can empty your bank account.  Good housekeeping, a little vigilance and knowhow alongside an up to date antivirus package are essential.  Here at SPB Computers, We’ve been removing Virus’ and repairing the damage they cause for nearly twenty years.

Virus Removal Option 1

Standard Virus and malware removal.  We’ll Remove all trace of malware and virus infections from your machine and ensure it boots to windows.  If you get re-infected within the nect month, we’ll remove the malware again free of charge.

Virus Removal Option 2.  (Recommended)

We’ll remove the virus and malware infection, repair any and all windows files that may be damaged and optimise your PC and laptop so its running as fast as it can go.


Virus Removal Option 3.

On top of a full valet and virus removal, repair and windows optimise we’ll supply and install Kaspersky internet security so you’r computer is virus free, going as fast as it can and as protected as it can get.