PC Repair

PC Repairs in Penrith

We’ve been looking after and repairing Windows and Linux Laptops and desktops in Penrith for nearly twenty years.  With a Fully Equipped professional workshop covering everything from routine virus removals to using our custom built solder station and microscopes for board level repairs we’ve got you covered whatever your problem.

PC Repairs Penrith

Bring your PC in for a Free Diagnostic!

Drop your Desktop or Laptop off with us and We’ll begin the process of discovering what needs doing, how much it will cost and how long it will take.   This part wont cost you a penny and is entirely obligation free.   If your computer is still under warranty with the manufacturer or another computer shop we can still offer you a comprehensive Engineer report which would cost £16.25.

Free Diagnostic on all Computer Repairs

Professional Computer Repairs

We’ve got over twenty years’ experience repairing all manner of computers and their associated faults.  From setting up printers, Virus removal and all the way up to board level repairs.  Our Penrith Town Centre Workshop is fully equipped with the latest diagnostic software and hardware and we operate twenty computer repair bays and an advanced solder station to help facilitate a quick turnaround.    So, whatever your problem or device we can help.

Guaranteed repairs and free Aftercare

Your Computer repair comes with a full Guarantee and any aftercare you should need.  So, if you’ve had your laptop reloaded and need help getting your printer back up and running we’re here to help or if you just need some additional advice this is all included free of charge when you pickup and pay for your computer Repair.  We are happy to help and provide expert advice in plain English.

Free Computer Repair aftercare

Check Below for the most common Computer Repairs at SPB

Below is a selection of the most common computer repairs we perform in our Penrith computer shop.  We’ve included the average cost of each computer repair as well as an indication of how long it usually takes.  This is to give you an idea of what might be involved.  We can only give you a free no obligation quote after we’ve properly tested and diagnosed the fault in our Penrith workshop.  (That bits free!)  This is because, sometimes, what seems like a simple error is a symptom from a more serious underlying fault and equally, what might seem like a catastrophic failure can turn out to require the simplest of tweaks.  If you don’t see something that looks like your problem, don’t worry!  We look at and undertake all kinds of computer repair issues.  Just drop in or contact us and find out how easily you could be back up and running.


Smashed Screen or Cracked screen, whatever you call it we can have you fixed and up and running in no time.  Full screen repacement for 99% of all makes of models of Laptop/Notebook done same day.

Malware, spyware, Pup’s and scamware all slow down our computers, cause crashes and at worst try to steal our identities or hard-earned cash!

BSOD’s, officially called Stop Errors are Windows system crashes.  They are triggered when the Operating system reaches a condition whereby continuing will cause damage to files, so it stops the entire PC.   They are your Windows PC telling you things have gone wrong!

Sudden Slow Down

Speed up my PC

If your Windows PC has suddenly slowed down it may be a sign you need to have your hard drive checked out.   (And that you need to ensure you have an up to date backup! – Contact us for some free advice in Plain English.)