Remote Desktop Support

Secure Remote access computer Support

Need a quick fix or some hands-on help?  We can connect to your PC or laptop safely and securely over a broadband or fibre connection and guide you through whatever process your stuck with in a jiffy.  As long as you’ve got a good internet connection we can fix almost all software issues remotely or advice you on what steps you need to take.  Call us to book a session now!  01768 868144.

Is this the right service for my issue?

Remote desktop support is when we connect to your computer from our workshop and can see what’s on your desktop as if we were sat in front of it.  From here, we can either take full control of your computer or observe passively whilst guiding you over the phone.  The connection is secure, and a new password is generated for each session meaning no one can connect without you providing the password.

This is great for almost all software issues and support as well as one on one tuition.

We can’t help remotely if your computer fails to boot, turn on or won’t go on the internet and we can’t fix hardware problems remotely, but it can be possible to diagnose them.  (although we do that free of charge in our workshop,)

We can:

  •  teach you how to run basic maintenance tasks and make sure your security is up and running.
  • Setup email or resolve email issues.
  • Show you how to do almost any task in office or similar apps.
  • Teach you how to get around windows 10
  • Check for virus’, malware and PUPS.  (potentially unwanted programs.)
  • Optimise and speed up your computer.
  • Setup a backup procedure and ensure its working
  • Backup your data
  • Fix error messages
  • Check for overheating
  • Check for hard drive failures
  • and many more tasks, errors or quirks.

Book a Session

We organise desktop support in Sessions.

A session is up to and including 20 Minutes.  We offer one-off sessions and blocks of sessions.

One-off sessions are used up even if the requested task takes less time than the allocated 20 minutes.  If it takes longer, then you can choose to purchase another one-off session or opt for a more flexible block of sessions.  (We’ll exercise common sense though and won’t just guillotine you off as soon as the clock hits 20:00 if we are close to sorting your issue.)

A Block of sessions is timed by the minute and is valid for 12 months.  You can use 5 minutes one day and 15 the next month for example.

A one-off session is £10.

A block of 3 sessions is £30

A Block of 6 Sessions is £50.

Sessions are paid for in advance.  They can be used on any computer (including friends and family as long as its you who contact us initially.)  Sessions are not refundable (unless we cant connect or miss our appointment with you for example.)

Unlike bringing your device into our workshop where you would be charged for a repair, remote support is billed for an engineers time.

Existing Customers

Bought a computer from us?  You get six months free remote desktop support.  As much as you need.

Had a Computer repaired with us?  You get a complimentary block of 6 sessions, valid for 12 months.

These are on top of our standard 12 months return to base warranty on computer sales and repairs.

Simply call us with your invoice number or your name and once we’ve confirmed your details we’ll connect up and help you out.

Fancy a computer with free remote desktop support?  Click here!