Free Computer Advice

Expert Advice in Plain English


We’ve been helping folk in Penrith and the surrounding area with their computer questions and problems for nearly 20 years and are happy to offer free and friendly advice over the phone, over the counter or through a message.  We won’t baffle you with Jargon or use any hard sell tactics.  We are more of a repair shop than a showroom, so we won’t simply tell you to buy a new PC.  We can offer clear computer advice and repair options.

Useful Software

Here you can find a selection of useful, often free software that we use or setup for customers.  Whilst we recommend them we don’t make them or are responsible for them.

Backing up your Stuff

Here you can find information about backing up your information and why it’s important to do so.

PC Housekeeping

We’ll add simple tips and tricks to help you keep your Computer in good condition and offer advice on what to keep an eye on and if its time for a professional service at our Penrith computer Shop.

PC Gaming Advice

Lookiong for help and advice on PC Gaming?  Have a question about overclocking or Liquid cooling?  We’re the local Experts hands down.  We’ll add advice or browse some of the awesome liquid cooled rigs we build at our Penrith Computer Shop.