iMac Repairs

iMac Repairs in Penrith

iMac repairs in Penrith

Free Diagnostic

Bring in your Apple iMac and we’ll get it on one of our dedicated repair bays and test and diagnose it free of charge.  We’ll then contact you with a fixed price repair quote which you are free to accept or decline.

Professional Repairs

We have a professionally equipped and manned workshop just off the centre of town in Penrith and have been repairing computers for nearly twenty years.  We didn’t see many Macs in the early days but have responded as their popularity has increased to provide and offer the same level of support as we do for Window and Linux PC’s.   If you have a problem with your iMac then we can help!

After-Care and Free Support

We’re happy to offer free, impartial advice either on the phone, in the shop or by email.  If you have a simple query or are looking at the best way to speed up your iMac or have a question about your repair, then give us a call and one of our friendly staff will be happy to help. We provide expert advice in plain English.