About us

About us

We opened our Penrith Computer shop in January 2000, coming from an even older computer company that began twenty years earlier.   In fact the main Man at that time began working in the Computer industry in the early 1960’s working on Leo 2 mainframes.  So we’re one of the oldest Computer repair services in Town built on decades of computer repair and Business experience.  Granted some of that knowledge is no longer exactly relevant, Its been awhile since iv had to assign IRQ’s to a serial port let alone check any Xenex code but one thing we have learnt is that the industry moves quickly and we move with it.  These days we repair Phones and tablets as well as the more traditional Laptops and desktops.  We offer free and friendly advice and specialise in refurbishing broken and unwanted electronics.  Our wealth of experience in repairing laptops and repairing desktop computers means we are able to make good broken laptops that other computer companies have written off.  This means we are able to do our bit to reduce landfill and extend the life of consumer electronics.  It also means we can offer quality refurbished computers to the local area at a fraction of the cost.


Starting with desktops and laptops and all the way up to smartphones, Tablets and Printers- we fix it all!

We’ve been fixing, building and advising Penrith and the surrounding area for over 20 years.

Why everyone uses us:


We operate a professionally equipped and secured workshop with over 20 repair bays and a dedicated electronic repair and solder station with high end electronic microscopes.  We also hold a huge amount of replacement parts which help us speedily diagnose and repair your item.

Experienced Team

Our Techs have been building and repairing electronics for twenty years.  You’re in experienced hands.

Customer-Oriented Service

Customer service is at the core of our operation.  We go the extra mile to ensure you get the best service and impartial advice you can.

Affordable Price

We  price check against the industry averages to ensure are prices are fair and are happy to price match our local competitors but rarely need to.